About Green Fire


My name is Mike Prettyman. I am the Chief Information Officer(CIO) for Green Fire Engineered Reclamation a landfill mining company.

I am a technologist and a humanitarian, I love creating solutions for the poor of the world. My goal is to have you saying “Mike, you are doing amazing things for Landfills and the Landfill Workers, “The Children of the Landfill.”

My mission is to create opportunity for these people – the poorest of the poor.
► Retired information management and information systems
► Over 75 posts on my Markethive blog addressing the plight of global “Open Landfills” and the millions of women and children living on the “Dumps” http://markethive.com/mikeprettyman
► Campaign Manager for an in-bound crowd funding project. Fund is for “Children of the Landfill” projects. http://greenfireeng.com
► I practice the art of entrepreneurship and social marketing.

What we do!
We reclaim 99% of landfill waste for reuse
► Syn Gas and Fuels
► Carbon
► Marketable raw materials
► Non-marketable raw materials

Benefits to the landfill and workers
► Clean sterile processes and raw materials
► Clean Energy
► Clean Water and desalination
► Reduce landfill contaminants and emissions
► Local 3D Print Manufacturing
► Landfill Villages – Low cost housing
► Full employment of Landfill workers
► Communications
► Commerce
► Education
► Global Entrepreneurial Opportunities

Dedicated to helping the “Children of the Landfill”, I am seeking donations for landfill Reclamation projects. If you are interested in more information please contact me via email: michel@unseen.is