GreenFire DAO (GLD)


The GreenFire DAO Crypto Token

Gladiator (GLD)

Backed by Reclaimed Gold a Landfill Asset

The Green Fire Engineered Reclamation process extracts gold from the landfill waste using “green” processes, our processes never pollute or contaminate. We view that gold as “Green Gold”. It is this “Gold” that is the asset backing the GreenFire DAO Token, the “Gladiator” (GLD)

The Green Fire DAO Gold Asset:

The asset backing Gladiator is 100,000 ounces of gold.

The value of one (1) Gladiator Token is one (1) gram of gold.

The first release of Gladiator Tokens will be 1,000,000 Tokens

The GreenFire DAO Asset base:

The landfill mining effort reclaims the Gold and other precious metals from the landfill. All other reclaimed precious metals add to the asset base of Gladiator Token.

Every Green Fire Engineered Reclamation landfill project adds to the Gladiator asset base and so, allows Gladiator to issue more tokens.

We are creating and managing an “asset backed” cryptocurrency and secure transaction processing platforms for the global Landfill and Informal worker community.