Jul 252017

7 Cryptocurrency Predictions From the Experts

Crypto currency is here to stay.

The Bitcoin purpose is established but stagnate, its application for commercial transactions is limited right now. GreenFire is devloping on the blockchain for industrial and commercial uses.

GreenFire uses the blockchain, I.E. and Ethereum, on the other hand, have absolutely fascinating infrastructure application capabilities.

No one can say how many tokens and coins and blockchain protocols will eventually win out, but the experts seem to think there’s room for a multitude. 

Many say there is yet an unknown coin to be implemented that will be universal on and to most blockchains.

As you can see, blockchain development is very dynamic. With the blockchain evolving and maturing at the speed of light it is vulnerable to all of the whims of the power elite whose basic premise in life is control.

For the next while anyone using crypto is vulnerable to the same whims.

Here is a tip:
In doing crypto transactions, it's best to follow he “know your customer” laws. They should be obeyed until the rules are agreed upon, it’s “best to be transparent” about what one is doing.

Full Article; http://fortune.com/2017/07/25/bitcoin-ethereum-cryptocurrency-predictions/

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